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So, what we can put on your website / web shop?

Basically everything! You can put on your website what ever you want or need! It really depend on the profession or type of the business that you have! We work with freelancers, individual professions, small businesses, companies and corporations! Feel free to contact by email businesses from our portfolio and ask about their experience with us!

Starting with:

unlimited number of the pages, than super important nowadays: ONLINE SHOP with program for direct orders, instant debit/credit card payments or PayPal, than automatic inventory app, automatic bookings and of course video/audio presentations, photo & video galleries, audio players: Spotify, SoundCloud etc.. We are working with all kind of professions and business.

Of course to not forget social media feed, your blog, direct chat with visitors on your website, subscription forms, email marketing (automated responses by email, chat and more)

Booking and reservation apps for hotels, restaurants, hair salons, medical offices and much more!

You can give to your clients over your website any kind of document to download, without of need to send it over the email or psychically, let the website works for you! Don't forget that you can also have so many different apps based on HTML codes from other providers too.

I M P O R T A N T !

Did you know that majority of people in the world are browsing websites on their mobile phones? Average percentage of the devices for website browsing in 2023 is:

MOBILE PHONES ~ 80-85 %          PC/LAPTOPS ~ 10 -15%                 TABLETS ~ 4%      TV ~1%

Our web design for all the websites that we make is adjusted and optimized to be easy to browse, read and shop on any nowadays devices!


Just choose your style and let's go for it! Request a quote for any of your needs and we will send you back our offer! Get in touch today! You will love our prices! 


You need video for your Google business, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube and other social platforms? You are on the right place! Amongst fair prices there is also opportunity to pay for your video production monthly! We have huge portfolio of videos taken worldwide, special effects, music, nature and space sounds where we try to deliver the best results possible - for your needs! Get in touch today and let's start to produce and make your marketing WORK! Modern & visual interaction with your clients can start today!

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